Brother Starting His Career for the First Time [Part 1]

I am telling you a few things first:

  1. It is not about being the best, it’s about being the most fit.
  2. This may be a jump start to some of the things you are probably excited for in life: independence, money, adventure, power, new faces, new friends, new identity and new opportunities to prove yourself
  3. However, kindly note that this is just a step and this step requires a direction. Be alert on how the new role and experience will contribute to your direction.
  4. Thus, Know WHY do you need it, WHAT do you need from it, WHEN to make the biggest decisions, WHERE to go while on it or after it.
  5. The HOW? It’s a progress and a continuous development. Consciously learn the HOWs.
  6. and of Course, the WHO. This is how we usually start things in Career Management.


So, WHO are you exactly?

I see. You have a good resume there. You probably just copied it from a template you saw in the internet or from your seatmate or friend who is also probably doing the same. I know I’m quite harsh. Probably because you are my brother and I can be brutally honest with you so you can reach greater heights more than anyone in our family.

Knowledgeable and Expert

I see what you did there, presenting yourself as  “knowledgeable and expert” on this field despite the fact that you are a fresh graduate. Who knows? I mean, if you graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, you probably are more knowledgeable than me who had a different degree! Well… Let’s face it, to tell you honestly, being a recruiter before, I would have the urge to “grill” you with your own words. I would have the urge to check how confident you are to label yourself as “knowledgeable and expert” on those fields. No, I won’t always know if you are sharing the right and technical ones unless I am a practitioner of the same field such as Managers interviewing. Oh no, I am not discouraging you to delete those words too. Rather, I’m encouraging you to PROVE it. An easier trick to do this is by presenting numbers, data and contributions related to it. Another thing you could add ONLY if you really did so is to add the relevant training that would show you are really knowledgeable of the topic. Please, don’t think those 1 hour small talks you listened to are that relevant, I have a feeling you didn’t really listen well to it anyway or couldn’t even remember the full name of the speaker unless you have a certificate, of course! The training I meant are those that has helped you build your skills, or those that earned you a license, a valid certification, or those where you are the speaker. Couldn’t think much? Alright then, it’s as simple as deleting that word “Expert” and specifying the things you are confident to be “knowledgeable” of. That easy. And Bro, don’t underestimate your knowledge on specific stuff especially on new trends and new skills because what you learned for a whole semester may be what other employees would be willing to undergo for a 2-3 day expensive training. You are an updated version and you are supposed to bring fresh skills and ideas so better take advantage of those. And, to make things easier, know that you don’t have to bring only knowledge and experience – things that probably former employees, entrepreneurs and experienced applicants have as an advantage. Well, lo and behold, you still have two things you can consider and write in your resume, cv, portfolio or profile: Skills and Abilities.

Competencies = Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (or Attitude)

What are the things in you that every company and entrepreneur will look for to make their dreams, their projects and both your goals happen? COMPETENCIES and they include knowledge, skills, and abilities and for some quite critical, attitude. They’re known for the abbreviation, KSA. Somehow, I love to label competencies as our gifts and talents. These are things we have learned – knowledge, earned – skill and our talent, attitude and capacity to learn and earn – abilities. We are all gifted and talented in our own ways. Every knowledge or insight is a gift so you have to appreciate your ability to see opportunities to learn and be enlightened. Every skill is a knowledge applied and sharpened for use. And ability, something needed to be sharpened for a long time or, as I would believe, somehow an innate gift that varies from person to person.  How do you know what gifts, talents or competencies do you have? Well, if your purpose is to check if your competencies fit well to companies, I recommend that you browse and check some job advertisements relevant to your field, read the competencies they require and try to list down things you have and things you may want to improve in yourself. Another helpful move is to take legitimate tests or make use of the personality or general aptitude tests you had with your counselor in identifying your competencies. You could also check your school records for subjects you are confident to be knowledgeable of. The important key is, please don’t exaggerate or lie just to appear the best. At the end of the day, go back to one of the first things I mentioned. It’s about being the most FIT.

If you were my brother starting his career for the first time, I recommend that you first assess who you are now. Let’s talk about your desires and dreams later. Appreciate what you have first and we’ll dig in deeper to who you can be. You are gifted and talented far different from me and our sister and other people. You may have graduated late for different priorities you had before, but I’ll tell you, don’t regret them. They happen for a reason. Learn from them. Assess the competencies you gained from those experiences. The workplace and the “adult” world may be quite different and harsh but you’ll find it familiar in a few months or perhaps, years. I recommend that you spend a day or two revisiting all your accomplishments, your triumphs, your challenges and what competencies made you conquer them.

Trek, if you need to. I know you love nature.

Meditate, if you have to.

Pray, if you must.

But recall, think, write, and type even the slightest memory or detail now.




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