If You Were My Old “Job Hunter” Self

Dear Old Job Hunter,

You thought you have the skills and that you knew how to job hunt properly. In fact, you even prepared an article for your younger brother to encourage him how to job hunt. Yet, you had a hard time searching for a job that would match you. Things have changed, you know. Or let’s just say, you are in a different situation and a different country now too. Well, the basic process in job hunting may still be similar – application to a job advertisement, getting screened and if you passed, communicated, then, getting an appointment for the interview, interviewed, and more interviews or graded training, then be on board. The process looks easy, right?

Well, It hasn’t changed much except for a few things that you had to learn at the expense of your previous applications. Haha. It’s okay. Sigh. Breathe. Here they are:

1. Companies (not the Jurassic traditional ones. lol) use these cool Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) nowadays. From your HR experience, you do have those in place in some companies. However, you could say they were all done manually. Manually in a sense that even if you used filters in an excel sheet where you have typed all qualifications an applicant has, it still needed your human judgment and needless to say, your human speed in screening and typing all necessary information. Haha. Wow, can you imagine how easy it is now for a recruiter? hahaha. I know what you have in mind! You wish your previous companies had that before! I know right? You thought of doing a simple version of that thru a survey-before-application right? but Nah, there are free systems now. The thing is, learn it both from HR and job hunter perspective now. It was a good chance for you to optimize your resume! great!

2. Language is really necessary! You thought your native language and your English were enough! Hahaha. How many times have you scrolled so fast to check every job ad with their language requirement? You have soft skills and you are applying for jobs that rely heavily on soft skills and people interaction! Of course! Language will play a very important role! Yet, come on, I know, there is still a part of you that tries to persuade you that your skills and experience may be enough to compensate for your poor language skills. Wake up! Language is necessary. Be patient and persevere. This is a good chance to be a polyglot! hahaha.

3. Certifications are really heavily valued particularly the globally accepted ones. You are in a different country and they have different notions of different careers. How will they know your experience and training are legitimate? Your cousin in a different country is right. You better invest on a global certification as early as possible. This certification will ensure that you are on the right page with them with regards to the understanding of specific topics or application of skills.

4. Things will not always be as you wanted them to be.  Well, let’s face it. You are aware of this already. It is easier said than done. It is easier said alone than be said in front of your loved ones who expect you to get the best for reasons that they also thought they knew (your awards, academic honors, experience, etc.). How did you handle this feeling? we still do the same, actually. Sigh, Breathe deeply, Smile, Appreciate what you have and who you are now, and look forward to a brighter future, talk to yourself and encourage yourself that things will eventually be better, trust your capability, then talk to them after you know your esteem is strong and complete. They will eventually trust you and encourage you, as well.

Sigh, Breathe, Smile.

Hey, actually, we’re still in the same boat. Hahaha. I still have to push thru with the goal to have an income soon. I want to learn new skills once I am earning. Yes, we’re still the same. Hungry to learn more. Risking a lot just to learn more. Someday, our future self might be proud of us for doing such things. We’re still in our 20s and even if it’s heavy on us to spend more than 3 years of humility trying to learn new skills and having weird decisions that some of our family members pitied us with, we will eventually make it. We are blessed with this perseverance and resilience thus we should put it to good use.

Heeeyah! Just play that new fave music we have. The lyrics are good for the soul.

Better Days By Dianne Reeves

“I’d say how can I be sure what is right or wrong?
And why does what I want always take so long?
Please tell me where does God live
And why won’t He talk to me?

She said all the things you ask
You will know someday.
But you have got to live in a patient way.
God put us here by fate
And by fate, that means better days.

She said, child, we are all moons in the dark of night.
Ain’t no morning gonna come ’til the time is right.
Can’t get to better days lest you make it through the night.
You gotta make it through the night, yes you do.

Yes. Dear Old Job Hunter. Patient, you were. Patient, I will be.



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